Tradition from Germany

finest Ingredients

This is the story of our fathers. My father Otto, savouring the cakes my mother loved to prepare him, as he was a good eater and always enjoyed the pleasure of having in the afternoon a good slice of cake.


And then my father-in-law, as well named Otto. His father owned a bakery, which he eventually gave up due to contemporary history. He as well never would miss a good portion of cake or any other sweet treat served with a nice cup of coffee in the later afternoon.


Whenever our parents met, my mother and my mother-in-law would exchange family recipes for their favorite cakes. Those recipes are meanwhile collected as family treasure and they are the foundation of the products offered as Otto’s Bake.


We at Otto’s Bake, a small group of young people, took a lot of care to find the best ingredients to allow customers around the world to produce sweets and cakes as our father, the two Ottos, loved.

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